Magician Space is delighted to announce artist Wu Chen's solo exhibition, 'Therefore, the Lonely God Can Only be the Orphan of God', from October 31 to December 26, 2020.





Among the artworks presented for this exhibition, Wu Chen's paintings revolve around two subject matters: The worldly famous icons in animation films, for instance, Pinocchio in Pinocchio (1940), and Casper and his uncles in Casper (1996); The other would be the commonplace and everyday items in his art studio, such as painting tools or watermelon. The artist personifies or animates these familiar objects, attributes them with actions, expressions, and distinctive characteristics.
Most of the works on view have been completed in 2020, which implies that these cute and exaggerated figures are born in an extremely chaotic context in real-life, actively participating or passively involved in it. Their innocence, reflected through vivid and colourful hues, can also be interpreted as a stimulating gesture that, together with the artist's brushstrokes, portrays the impetus of their psychological activities, reminiscent of the scarred and slightly corrupted bodies of de Kooning's mature paintings. As such, the boundary between innocence and violence blurs.
Similar to Wu Chen's previous works of art, the ones presented in 'Therefore, the Lonely God Can Only be the Orphan of God' playfully appropriate the classics from art history. The watermelons in Untitled (Travelers Among Watermelon Hills) are an apparent extraction from Fan Kuan's Travelers Among Mountains and Streams from the Northern Song Dynasty. The red and green watermelon and its 'archetype' contrast in colour and subject matter conceal their structural similarity.
The works in 'Therefore, the Lonely God Can Only be the Orphan of God' appeal to the viewers. The cartoon characters are popular and familiar to the contemporary audience. Wu Chen paints his concerns about politics into a visual script, assigns roles to these 'actors', and choreographs their body movements and dialogues. The titles he gave to his works on canvas are like the phrases in this narrative, palatable for their interpretation. On the other hand, through various dialogues with the 'archetypes' of the classics in art history, Wu Chen continually hones his paintings' formal language. With which, he threw viewers a conundrum, should one 'read' the narrative in painting, or 'look at' the language of painting? In this game of painting, Wu Chen remains inexhaustibly engaged.




主要展览有:2020——松美术馆邀请展,松美术馆,北京,中国(2020);游·历——华宇青年奖2016 年度入围艺术家群展,三亚艺术季,三亚,中国(2016);第一届道滘新艺术节,XI 当代艺术中心,广东,中国(2016);第六届成都双年展,成都国际会展中心,成都,中国(2013);旋转木马,北京时代美术馆,北京,中国(2011);第三届特尔纳当代艺术奖,罗马,意大利(2010); M50 创意新锐展,M50 创意园,上海,中国(2009);“囧——表达与姿态”第三届上海多伦青年美术展,上海多伦美术馆,上海,中国(2008);“青年中国奖”当代艺术展,海德堡大学美术馆,海德堡,德国(2008)等。


About the Artist

Wu Chen (b.1983, Henan) currently lives and works in Beijing and Chengdu. His paintings evoke a miscellaneous array of 'artist portraits' and layered references culled from sources as varied as picture handbooks to exquisite illustrations from art history. Layer by layer they undergo a child-like process of distortion and reassembly, causing one to wonder at the morbidity of such a whimsical sense of imagination.

Major solo exhibitions include: Therefore, the Lonely God Can Only Be the Orphan of God, Magician Space, Beijing (2020); Positions Sector, Art Basel Miami, Miami (2019); Bad Man Can Also End Up in Heaven, Magician Space, Beijing (2017); Matisse’s Skirt, Magician Space, Beijing (2014).

Major group exhibitions include: 2020 – SONG ART INVITATION EXHIBITION, Song Art Museum, Beijing (2020); TRAVERSE·COURSE - 2016 HUAYU YOUTH AWARD, Art Sanya, Sanya (2016); The First Dao Jiao New Art Festival, XI Contemporary Art Center, Guangdong (2016); The 6th Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu International Conference and Exhibition Centre, Chengdu (2013); Carousel, Times Art Museum, Beijing (2011); The 3rd Terna Contemporary Art Award, Rome (2010); Creative M50 Exhibition, M50 Creative District, Shanghai (2009); 'Jiong' – Expressions and Attitudes, the 3rd Shanghai Duolun Youth Art Exhibition, Shanghai Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai (2008); 'Youth China' Contemporary Art Exhibition, Art Museum of University Heidelberg, Heidelberg (2008).

Museum and Public Collections: White Rabbit Contemporary Chinese Art Collection, AUS; Museum of Contemporary Art Chengdu, CN; K11 Art Foundation, CN; SSSSTART, CN; Beijing 798 Art Foundation, CN.



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